A few not so basic, basics

My daughter has moved into several adult sized patterns, but because she has a shorter side waist length than they are drafted for, and she is only 5 ft, most are still a little too long on her.

One of her recent requests was for some regular shirts, like my most worn shirt, my solid black v neck Hey June Union St Tee. So I looked at the pattern and she just fit into the smallest size.

Because of her height difference, I knew I needed to raise the v neck and remove length, both in the amount of 2″.

To remove the 2″ in the v, I just moved the point up 2″ and then blended the new point, into the original neckline. I recalculated the neckband at 90% and then removed 2″ in the length of the bodice.

Once I made the solid black v neck, we decided to also make three scoop necks.

To do something a little different I did a slight sleeve mod and made two of them flutter.

I love being able to use one pattern but with different options and a little hack, she has four different shirts.

Fabric: all fabrics are Double Brushed Poly from So Sew English Fabric
Pattern: Hey June Handmade Union St. Tee

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4 thoughts on “A few not so basic, basics”

    1. Hi Helen! Per my daughters measurements, I used the smallest size, which was an XXS. However, that was from my original pattern, and I just noticed that the file has since been updated with a new size chart. The new size chart is a little larger in the smallest size, and overlaps with the Junior version, the City Park Tee. So depending on your granddaughter’s measurements, you may find you have better luck with the City Park Tee, and not have to do any height adjusting at all. For reference, my daughter looks like she would be a size 14, with maybe grading down to a 12 hip, in the City Park Tee.


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