Unexpected fabric and a new dress

My most recent make was a complete gamble with the pattern and fabric both. When I got this black foil hacci fabric, I discovered it wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned when I ordered it. I set it aside since it wouldn’t fit for what I had originally intended it for. Then along came the opportunity to test a new pattern for Sonia Estep. I love how she drafts so I felt confident it wouldn’t be a waste of my fabric, but the actual look is not my norm and made me nervous to try. I stepped out of my comfort zone again and I am so happy I did.

The Charleston from Annelaine Patterns, is a swing dress designed for sizes 00-30. It has a scoop neck, a subtle or deep v neck, and a button up v neck. Not into buttons?? You can totally do snaps too. You can pick a short, ¾, or a long sleeve and the three hemline options are straight, a subtle high-low, or a dramatic high-low. Since I was going for it with a leather looking dress I decided to amp it up a bit and picked the deep v neck. I did the long sleeves with the high front hem and the back straight hem. I followed the instructions and graded for my size and height, it fit great. Total shocker I know (insert sarcastic laughing).

Then came the, “how do I wear this”, moment. Since this was out of my norm, nothing came to mind immediately. Thank goodness for my sewing friends, they are seriously amazing!! After some general suggestions and a closet raid I came up with a few ways I could see myself actually wearing this.

Let’s go with the date night look first. I usually dress simple so adding heels, a long necklace, and some bigger earring studs was just enough for me to feel dressed up.


For a relaxed look I paired it with some white tennis shoes, a subtle long necklace, and a jean jacket. I rolled up my jacket sleeves too and I felt like it gave it a classic relaxed look. I could see myself wearing this out for errands or a lunch with friends.


For a little less casual look or utilizing an extra layer for those cooler days, I swapped my tennis shoes out for my boots. I kept the necklace and jacket, but rolled the sleeves down. I like how the jacket pulled the dress in a little and gave me some more waist definition yet I still have the movement and comfort of the swing dress.


Guys!!!! I have a leather look dress, that I love, and will see frequent rotation in my wardrobe. Happy dance for unexpected fabrics and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Pattern is the Charleston and on new release sale for 50% off until March 10th. The fabric was from a So Sew English bundle and isn’t in stock currently. Since this pattern only needs 20%, 4 way stretch, there are lots of other options you can use to make your own Charleston.


This post may contain affiliate links. This means, if you make a purchase through that link, I may get a % back, at no additional cost to you. Let’s be honest, we all know it goes right back to adding to my fabric stash. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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