Just keep Sewing, Swim

How do you “torture” your children without even meaning to?? You let them pick their fabrics and patterns for their first Mom made swim suits. Then you sew them, but only half of each set, because you have to change the thread color in your machines, for the second half. And they see their amazing first half, waiting, every time they walk by. 🤣

“Torture” aside, my kids both love their new suits and have been wearing them almost daily to swim, since they were done. I shared earlier this week about my Son’s suit, you can read about it here.

My daughter took a little longer to find the suit pattern she wanted, she kept changing her mind on one piece or two, one strap or two, etc. etc. One thing she was adamant about though, was that there be no ruffles, and she didn’t want any “extras”. When she first saw the Roxy from Made For Mermaids, she wasn’t a fan because the rouching on the bottom, belt, and peplum type skirt on the top. But once she saw the line drawings and realized that they were optional, she was sold.

She picked the plain bottoms and the plain bikini top. While it is labeled as plain, it is anything but. The top has a really flattering sweetheart neckline with cute straps that are wider and slightly gathered at the bodice.

Fabric shopping for her was really fast. She saw the Unicorns and Rainbows and was done. She saw the two coordinating options and immediately chose the Plumtastic Kira to go with. Both these fabrics have a matte look, which she particularly likes, and UPF 50+, which I love!

The quality of these two fabrics was really nice. They weren’t super slick, had a nice weight to them, and they sewed up really well. We even had enough left over after her suit, to make two matching scrunchies. Now she can match and have her hair up when in the pool.

I was really surprised with how simple sewing these swim suits actually was. I really enjoyed the process and they both keep telling me how much they like them.

Pattern – Made For Mermaids Roxy (Also available in Women sizing)

Fabrics – All from The Fabric Fairy
Top: Unicorns and Rainbows Nylon Spandex Swimsuit Fabric
Bottoms: Plumtastic Kira Nylon Spandex Swimsuit Fabric
Lining: Light Peach Poly Spandex Swimsuit Lining Fabric